Health & Wellness

Helping You to Reach Your Health Goals! Better Health with Rebecca specializes in helping people improve their health through superior nutrition and lifestyle changes and lose weight.

Diet & Nutrition

Nutrition coaching sessions provide you with guidance, educational materials, and resources so you can gain a thorough understanding of what nutritional excellence is and how to adapt it into your busy lifestyle.

Vitamins, Supplements & Herbs

A healthy diet greatly enhances your health and promotes longevity, but you may still require additional nutrients to maximize health and longevity, because deficiencies or insufficiencies of even one vital nutrient can undermine your health.

Health Coaching

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Natural Plant based Supplements

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Plexus Lean™ Whey Milk Chocolate

With 15 grams of satisfying, muscle-maintaining whey protein, along with 24 bio available vitamins and minerals (including 5-MTHF methylated folate), Lean Whey gives you the fuel and nutrition you need to stay full, eat less, and lose weight.


Plexus XFactor Plus™

Your multivitamin should help you stay healthier and feel better. XFactor Plus does just that—with premium, bioavailable forms of key nutrients, a high-potency B vitamin complex, and a gut-protecting polyphenol blend. It’s the multivitamin—redefined.

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Joyōme™ Beauty From Within Combo

Feel amazing from within and get gorgeous, glowing skin with this incredible combo!
Slim’s prebiotic blend supports a balanced gut microbiome while chlorogenic acid helps to hydrate the skin and balance skin pH.

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Slim Hunger Control, Accelerator + Block Combo

Turn up the heat on your metabolism with the pack designed to help you burn fat more efficiently, prevent the absorption of some carbs and sugars, and manage that hungry feeling so you stay on track toward your health goals with a smile!

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For me, the operation and the relevant diet and your supplements are essential. I am now 71 years of age and exceptionally, was considered for this operation that is taking place this month. I am already taking the vitamins; this assists in leading a healthier life.



Good service and delivery the day after my request. I was supposed to have a gastric bypass but ended up having a sleeve, I passed this information on and I received the new pills at home the next day – great service!
Thank You!!!


Atlantic Beach