Health & Wellness

Helping You to Reach Your Health Goals!
Better Health with Rebecca specializes in helping people improve their health through superior nutrition and lifestyle changes and lose weight.

  • Achieve your ideal weight
  • Improve your overall health
  • Prevent and reverse disease
  • Reduce or eliminate your need for medications
  • Slow down the aging process
  • Push the boundaries of human longevity
  • We understand the variety and complexity of problems that can present in patients with serious health challenges. We have helped thousands of patients recover from chronic medical issues, as well as achieve dramatic and sustainable weight loss.
    By making changes to their lifestyle, and adopting superior nutrition, including targeted and judicious supplementation patients typically experience dramatic reversal of hundreds of medical conditions and make dramatic health transformations. For example:

  • Patients are able to achieve sustainable weight loss and resolve food addictions, cravings and emotional overeating.
  • Type 2 diabetics are able to reduce and eventually eliminate their use of medications as they become non-diabetic.
  • Circulation to the extremities and the back normalizes, resolving painful circulatory and orthopedic conditions and re-establishing comfortable activity and sleep.
  • Patients see their high blood pressure readings normalize, typically over just a few weeks’ time.
  • Most patients notice a dramatic change in their cholesterol levels within six weeks, by following the dietary protocols given to them during their initial consultation.